All of the Lights

The Phoenix Zoo is already one of Arizona’s most-visited attractions, but add millions of Christmas lights, and it becomes a dreamy, winter wonderland! 

Since I’m originally from Pennsylvania, Arizona winters are anything but festive for me, since I associate this holiday with snow, scarves, fires and sledding. Walking in to the Zoo Lights entrance immediately had me feeling at home…(the 45° weather also helped). 

I really didn’t know what to expect going in, but I definitely left feeling impressed. There were displays of all of the animals that I imagine are present at the zoo. A lot of the displays were animated and moved to different music, which made it visually appealing for my 2 year-old son.

We stopped to watch families taking advantage of the $5 camel rides, and even contemplated going down the Polar Slide until I realized I would be riding solo! I hopped on the carousel with my son, and we admired a 360° view of the whole zoo instead.
We stopped to purchase a bubble gun and some slushies, then walked around some more. We found a little play area for kids, which was extremely helpful when the stroller just wouldn’t do anymore. 

Some of the things I found  most impressive were the intricate displays of Lego statues that were completed by individuals and small groups of volunteers and sponsors. Imagining the hours of patience and intense concentration had me mind-boggled!
Overall, I give this event two thumbs up and will certainly be returning next year!


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