Hemp Heals With Mother Green

I’m so excited to finally write a blog for this beautiful family of young entrepreneurs! They are the true definition of passion, dedication and perseverance.

Hayla, the creator of Mother Green’s Boutique, started out in direct sales as an Arbonne consultant, but soon found out that she would rather be selling products she truly believed in.

“I wanted to make a difference and not just sell products, so I created my magical beauty products to help save the environment, animals, educate on Hemp and Cannabis and mostly to be a stay at home mom.” 

Her dream didn’t become a reality so easily, as she struggled to make ends meet, take care of her daughter, and still pursue her passion of making quality products that were safe and effective.

 I became a customer after following her personal Instagram account for a few years. I saw how dedicated she was to her craft and I also began to see positive testimonials flooding her timeline.

 Being a Rodan + Fields consultant myself, I stick to my brand, however I like to branch out and use homemade products once in awhile. I also believe in the healing properties of the Hemp plant, and supporting a small, struggling family was the cherry on top of my first purchase. My first order consisted of the Zen Den spray, which is an amazing room and/or body spray with Nag-Champa oil (my favorite) and the Hemp chap stick. I recently ordered a bunch of the face scrubs as stocking suffers for friends and family,but decided to try the Anti Gravi-tea scrub myself, and the hemp oil leaves my face so soft and smooth!

Face and body scrubs are just a few of the products you can find on Mother Green’s website. She has a small line of products for men, healing balms and salves, essential oil sprays for hair and even an all-natural bug repellant! 

Through her persistence, Hayla, her new husband and daughter were recently able to purchase a location to open their first retail store. There, Hayla sells her own products, as well as the products, artwork, jewelry and creations of other artists and crafters. 

Support small businesses and your local economy! It really is what makes our country’s clock tick. 

If you’d like to shop the Mother Green Way, visit http://www.themothergreenway.com
…or if you’re in the New England region, stop by 40 Thorndike St. Suite J Concord, NH.


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