A Little Southern Comfort at Buttercup’s Kitchen

I don’t think any of us can truly say that we don’t like splurging on delicious, comforting food once in awhile, especially now that the temperatures are dropping and we can put our salads, green smoothies and bikinis away for the summer! 
Southern comfort food has always been one of my favorites, but since I’ve moved to Arizona, I don’t get to enjoy it as often as I did when I was a country-dweller. That is why I was SO excited to stumble across this mommy-of-three-owned, food service called Buttercup’s Kitchen! She advertises themed menus from her home in Tolleson, where all the magic happens!

I immediately wanted to know as much as I could about this little business, because I’m sure I will be earning my frequent flyer miles! After speaking with the owner and creator, Bianca Earvin, I was even more inspired by her story.
“I have always loved to cook comfort food since I could remember. I was always in the kitchen with both of my grandmothers, mom, aunts, or whoever was cooking”.

Bianca just recently had her third child and needed to take some time off work. She and her husband put their heads together and decided that they could produce a second income from something she loves: cooking! 
“With encouragement from my husband, two preteen sons, family and friends; I decided to give it a try.”

Bianca loves this new business venture and hopes to one day cater full time and open her own restaurant in the Phoenix area. “I can’t wait to expand and eventually share my love of cooking with everyone!” I will definitely be one of the first customers when that day comes!

* To order, text 623-277-6908 (text only)

* Pick-up near 87th and VanBuren, Tolleson, Az


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