New Appreciation for Old Litchfield 

I have a slight addiction to new foods, breakfast cocktails and places with a great atmosphere. Luckily, my best friend shares the same addictions as me! While running some errands the other day, I decided to scoop up said friend and check out this little spot on Old Litchfield in Goodyear, called Park Cafe. I have never been to this part of town, but I’m glad it registered on my radar that day. What a great find! 

If you are familiar with the West Valley, you might know that Litchfield Park is a gorgeous little neighborhood, however, I was always under the impression that it was mainly geared toward older folks and snowbirds…I was very wrong! After we parked and started walking down the street, I noticed a whole strip of cute little restaurants and shops. One of the Cantinas was having a breakfast happy hour with mimosas and Bloody Marys at their outdoor bar. There was a large crowd of younger people, loud music and delicious-looking  food.

Park Cafe was at the end of the street, on the corner. We stepped inside only briefly to find a hostess. It was small, but very open and well-lit. We were the only diners who opted for the outdoor seating, which was fine, because we had a lot of chatting to catch up on. Back to my obsession with atmosphere, the outdoor patio was perfect! Every angle of our view had palm tree-lined streets, beautiful housing developments, and behind us, the Wigwam.

We each started with a Bloody Mary. I’m pretty particular about my Marys, and this one won my seal of approval! I ordered the caprese flatbread as my lunch, which was smothered in delicious mozzarella, basil and balsamic (my three favorite things all rolled up in to one meal). 

My lunch date had the Chipotle chicken sandwich, which also looked amazing, and was highly recommended by our server.

My portion of the bill came to $17.29. Overall, a great, affordable lunch with great company! I can’t wait to return to Old Litchfield and check out the rest of the scene! 


2 Replies to “New Appreciation for Old Litchfield ”

  1. On-site to gain in-site! Nothing beats walking to gain a little perspective. Everything looks blurry when driving by. Fun little places are usually hidden and come into focus only when we are walking. Thanks for the reminder!

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