Get Your Joe at Jobot Coffee

I’m an absolute coffee addict. Even though I’m not much of a brand snob at home, I LOVE finding small shops that serve only the best coffee. 
Jobot is located in my favorite area of downtown Phoenix, on 5th St, in the artsy part of town. Like most of my favorite spots, I found this one by pure accident. 

A childhood friend of mine was in town for vacation and getting a tattoo was on her bucket list. We ended up with an appointment at 27 Studio. The design she wanted was pretty large and intricate, and after 3 hours of sitting, I was getting tired and antsy. I asked the tattoo artist what kind of coffee shops were nearby. She rambled off a list of the usual places, but said that if I wanted a really tasty iced coffee, Jobot was the spot!

I started wandering down the street, past beautiful homes and funky murals until I arrived at a happening little abode. It is literally a house with a diner inside. In the yard, there were several tables where quite an eclectic group of people were seated. Some were reading and studying, some were chatting with friends and another man was playing a guitar. I already knew it was going to be right up my alley!

The inside was very open, with quite a variety of items at the coffee bar. I was soaking in the atmosphere and didn’t notice the barista waiting for me to order. I didn’t want to take more time to look at the menu, so I followed the tattoo artists recommendation and ordered a simple iced coffee and a delicious poppy seed muffin that was in the dessert display. It was even more delicious than I had hoped.

I wanted to sit and admire the scenes going on around me for awhile before I headed back to the tattoo shop, and I’m glad I did. There was a large lunchtime crowd, and I was seated in a prime, people-watching location. I also skimmed the menu and was pleasantly surprised to find that Jobot is open 24 hours on the weekends and until midnight during the week. They also serve breakfast  (my favorite meal of the day) ALL. DAY. LONG! 

Their menu has a little bit of everything, including burritos, crepes, a delicious-looking Monte Cristo, among other breakfast favorites. They also have an incredibly delicious and healthy lunch/dinner menu. To make things even better they have a selection of your favorite adult beverages.

I will most certainty be visiting Jobot Coffee and Diner on a regular basis! 


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