No Dinner Until You Eat All Your Dessert

Venture out on the 60 West about 60 miles, and you’ll find the wild, Western town of Wickenburg. Nestled between McDonald’s and Tastee Freeze is a quaint, family-owned shop called Chaparral’s Homemade Ice Cream. 

Chaparral’s, itself, has been in business for 35 years, but new owners, Tony and Pam bought the business in 2009,  with the promise to serve nothing but the best food and ice cream, using the freshest ingredients.

I have eaten here, celebrated my son’s 1st birthday here, and even organized a company training seminar for a previous employer, here. Each experience was more enjoyable than the next, as the staff made sure the food was perfect, and every need was met for each occasion.

My visit today was no different. My husband was out of town for some work-related items, and I didn’t want to cook a full meal for myself and a toddler, so to Wickenburg we went! 

In typical Chaparral fashion, we ate our dessert first, sharing a double scoop of Prickly Pear ice cream. For lunch, I ordered the sandwich that Chaparral is known for, the Jailtree. If you know anything about historical Wickenburg, you might know that the actual Jail Tree is a mesquite tree where criminals were chained when they were caught breaking the law.

The sandwich is a much more tasty experience than being chained to a tree. You can choose from chicken or beef, which is piled high on a roll with sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms. I always opt for the chicken with the bleu cheese sauce, rather than the beef with cheddar, but both are mouthwatering!  

Each and every item on their menu is unique and made from scratch! To make the experience even more enjoyable, they allow local talent to come in and play for the guests. The two men playing old, country tunes tonight were very entertaining, and even interacted with my son during a few of their songs! 

Next time you are in the area, or are game for a roadtrip, do your taste buds a favor and indulge in some of this homemade delight!


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