A Heart Full of Soul

Photo courtesy of AZcentral.com

As I was browsing things to do in the Phoenix area, one event surprisingly  caught my eye…Chris Isaak at the Celebrity Theatre this Tuesday, July 26th! 

I haven’t been a serious, life-long fan of Chris, but his past collaborations with my REAL idol, Stevie Nicks, were enough to win my attention.You don’t have to be a fan to appreciate the croon of one of Rock music’s most talented men, but I’m sure you’ve all heard “Wicked Games” at some point in your life!

 The majority of his musical catalogue is Rockabilly, 50’s style rocks. His appearance is very Elvis-esque with his bedazzled outfits, glitzy guitars and perfectly pomade-ed hair. He rips on the guitar and his falsetto is as smooth as butter.

If you want to hear some smooth Rock n’ Roll, I’m sure Chris Isaak won’t disappoint, and the Celebrity Theatre’s beautiful stage area and acoustics will only add to the experience. 

Ticket prices range from $55 to $85, depending on your seating preference and VIP packages are available through the Celebrity Theatre website.



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