El Dorado Hot Springs

This next location takes you out on the I-10, about an hour West of downtown, in a small town called Tonopah. It’s far, but it is one of my favorite, low-key spots to get away for a few hours.
The El Dorado Hot Springs are a series of private soaking areas, each with a hot tub that constantly circulates fresh water from the local mineral springs. Each area has its own fire pit, lounge chairs, a hot and cold tub, and beautiful views of the Sonoran Desert. There are several private areas to choose from, my personal favorite being Desert View. There is also a fully nude, public bathing area for the more “ballsy” people (pun intended).

Aside from the tub areas that are rented for $15 per person, per hour, there are also two small cabins for overnight stays, which are a bit more pricey.

From the parking lot and check-in area, it is slightly dusty and the RV’s are home to the family that owns the business, but once you walk through the entrance to the private areas, it is a hidden sanctuary! I’ve done everything here from photo shoots, girl time, informal business meetings and even stayed the night in one of their cabins for my anniversary.

Definitely a must-see for any of you Cali-bound travelers who need a place to stop and relax!


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