Fuego Bistro: A Downtown Treasure

I found this tiny, tucked-away restaurant a few years ago by complete accident, while trying to navigate to a different spot. Because I was on a time-crunch, I stayed and had happy hour drinks and appetizers with a friend. 

The outdoor dining area is gorgeous, with wrought-iron furniture, each with their own decorative umbrellas. There are several fountains, giving it a relaxing vibe, and on certain days, a small stage is set up for local talent. 

This last time I ate at Fuego Bistro was the most impressionable. I was on my way to a concert with a friend and was in dire need of a good dinner and some fancy drinks. I actually had a coupon from restaurant.com, so it seemed like a perfect fit. 

When we arrived, we were just in time for some live music, which was performed by a young girl with an acoustic guitar. While she played some amazing hits from the Jackson 5, Elton John, Britney Spears  (the least desired of the selections), and even did a Blues number, we ordered our appetizer of prawns and each of us had a mojito from their list of over 10 flavors!

Our appetizer was fantastic, and whatever sauce they had the prawns sitting in was so good, we literally asked for a spoon so we could savor what was left over. Our blood orange and prickly pear mojitos were hitting the spot and our dinner was the icing on the cake. We split a NY strip covered in blue cheese, paired with Chipotle mashed potatoes and jalapeño creamed corn. I couldn’t have asked for a better meal in a more perfect atmosphere…and the bill was under $40!

The overall ambiance, food and drink quality/presentation, as well as the staff made for a five-star rating from me!☆☆☆☆☆

◇Fuego Bistro 713 E. Palo Verde Phoenix, AZ ◇


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