An Evening With Stephen Marley 

“The Fruit of Life” tour in Tempe, AZ the other night is what inspired me to start this blog. During my entire drive home, I kept reliving each moment and wanted to share the magic that was Mr. Marley, with the world. 

Magic would actually be an understatement. The whole show was spiritual, as Stephen opened with “Lively Up Yourself”, followed by other Bob medleys mixed into his setlist. His cover of “Pale Moonlight” brought me, and many people around me, to tears. He played for over two hours, making it a really intimate show by interacting with the crowd at some point during every song. The band members JAMMED out and the two, female vocalists added the infamous “doo-wop” sound to the older songs, as well as killing harmonies on Stephen’s more recent material. We were even given a sneak peak of some songs from his upcoming album.

The highlight of my evening was when the encore began. Three of his children came to the stage to dance and wave the Rastafarian flag as he performed “Could You Be Loved”, followed by some other Marley classics. 

There were times when I closed my eyes and was overcome by emotion, listening to his words and feeling at peace with the world for once. Stephen spoke a few words in light of the recent brutalities, and ended his speech by enticing the crowd to chant “LOVE ” at the top of our lungs. Pure magic. I am definitely waking up bright and early tomorrow to purchase his new album. 



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